Jess Levin Conroy: Founder of Carats & Cake.

Jess Conroy Circle.jpg

“Take every meeting because you never know where the next opportunity will come from.”

Jess Levin Conroy is the founder of Carats & Cake, the premier destination for aspiring brides and grooms looking to find the right people – from vendors to venues – to bring their dream celebrations to life. 

While she's immersed in the world of weddings now, Jess actually majored in Economics at Penn and went back to school at NYU's Stern School of Business thinking she'd be going into more of a finance or banking role. Of course, the best ideas come when you're not even looking for them and so in the middle of a lecture hall, the idea for Carats & Cake was born. Listen to the podcast to hear the rest. 

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