Tom Vladeck: Founder of Gradient.

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“There are three different ways you can decide about a job: geography, industry and function. I think that a lot of people really really overweight the industry and underweight the function… I firmly do believe that I will have a more positive impact on the world with a more functional focus because I’m just going to go further than being unhappy with an industry focus. It’s a matter of really being honest with yourself about what’s most important to you.”

One for the avid mathematicians and statisticians! Gradient Metrics puts statistics and data into practice for companies looking to solve the most critical problems to their businesses. Better explained by the team itself, they speak "conjoint, forecasting, segmentation, attribution, targeting, customer lifetime value, random forests, naive bayes classifiers, regularized regression, applied probability models, hierarchical bayes, spatial autoregression – and more." 

Tom Vladeck founded Gradient Metrics while he was getting his MBA in Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing at Wharton. Prior to that, he got his undergraduate degree from Pomona College and then went on to get his master's at London School of Economics. So much school, a lot to show for it now! Listen to it all here. 

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