Stephanie Benedetto: Founder of Queen of Raw.

Stephanie Benedetto Photo.jpg

“With all the fun [you’re] doing and all the work and all the play, think about a problem that you’re passionate about and try to solve it. Build a solution for it.”

Queen of Raw is revolutionizing the fashion industry with its next gen supply chain software which, according to the company's website, "connects tier 1, tier 2, & tier 3 suppliers, repairs holes in the chain, & intelligently prevents future waste." 

Stephanie Benedetto, the founder behind it all, graduated from Penn's College of Arts and Sciences in 2002 and thought she wanted to be a lawyer, leading her to graduate from the Emory University School of Law in 2006. In this podcast, you'll learn about how this evolved into founding Queen of Raw and led to Ashton Kutcher handing her the WeWork Creator Award this past October!

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