Stephen Kuhl: Founder & CEO of Burrow.

“You have to force your way to prove to people “I’m not in any box, I can handle whatever job you throw at me.” I want to work on the stuff that interests me the most and I’m going to be the best at doing that.”

Ever seen those ads of beautiful couches, throws and pillows on Instagram? The minimalist, timeless pieces of furniture are courtesy of Burrow, the multi-million dollar couch-in-a-box startup that has made strides in the direct to consumer world. 

Along with Kabeer Chopra, Stephen Kuhl founded Burrow during his days as an MBA student at Wharton. In this podcast, you'll hear about his graduate experience – the classes he took, the biggest influences on his life at school and his creation of the company and the best bar to go to in Philly (important!) – how Burrow grew to become the company it is today and his advice for undergraduates and graduate students who want to forge their own path in a similar way. 

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