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Alma Matters was born out of a personal frustration. There was nothing I could relate to as a recent college graduate during my career search and no true guidance in figuring out my path - despite the fact that thousands had been in my position. School alumni is very underutilized - it’s such a large, accomplished network that younger alums and students who are currently undergraduates have no real visibility into. I wanted to fix that.

Introducing a new podcast about the journey after college - the "How I Built This" for successful Penn graduates (for now). Get ready to hear about the school experiences and life trajectories of founders and CEOs, from Stephen Kuhl (founder of Burrow) to Kristian Von Rickenbach (founder of Helix) to Alex Orlovsky (Hollywood film producer) to Jason Post (VP of Communications at Compass) to many many more. What classes impacted their career interests? What social groups were they part of (Greek or otherwise)? How did they go from Penn to where they are now?

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