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Alma Matters was born out of a personal frustration. There was nothing I could relate to as a recent college graduate during my career search and no true guidance in figuring out my path - despite the fact that thousands had been in my position. It's not easy navigating the professional world. Many have made the leaps and bounds from college to career but that journey is rarely talked about. Alumni networks are a valuable resource that easily go untapped - until now.

Alma Matters with Riane Puno brings the college stories and life trajectories of some of the most successful entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives across all industries right to you. What classes impacted their career interests? What social groups were they part of (Greek or otherwise)? How did they go from college to where they are now? Most importantly, what advice do they have for people wanting to follow their passions in the same way?

I guarantee there'll be someone on the podcast that excites you. Check the podcast out on Apple or Spotify and stay up to date by following Alma Matters on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.